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While you should never have to apologize for having a career and making great money, the reality is that at some point in your dating life you may encounter a great guy who’s intimidated by your success.

Rather than throw your hands up in disgust and give up on dating altogether, the following five tips should help you handle the sometimes sensitive subject matter with your potential dates: Tip #1: Be clear about what you want Just as the key to succeeding in business lies in setting goals, working hard, and overcoming setbacks along the way, the key to succeeding in the dating world is to be equally clear about what you want and then go for it.

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While money doesn’t have to make the list, you should next ask yourself this: Does equal or greater earning power matter to you?

Do potential partners have to keep up with you financially or would you be willing to date someone who makes less than you, but is fabulous in so many other ways?

Only you will know the answers for sure, but it’s absolutely essential that you determine the top five qualities you’re looking for in a potential dating partner so that when you’re out and about, you’re clear about what you want and cut down on wasted time (both yours and potential dates).

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