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After discussing his plans for retiring by selling on the shares in his security company to his debtors with his partner, André, aging underworld entrepreneur Miles Rennberg is paid a surprise visit at his Paris office by aggressive underworld moll Sandra.

Brazenly taunting him with her sexuality, she bluntly dissects their prior relationship—a nightmarish web of masochism, money, manipulation and dependency, pimping her out to dangerous clients in order to gain both a business advantage and perverse personal thrills.

She outlines her newest ambition, since their estrangement, of raising the necessary capital to run a nightclub in Beijing.

Without making any promises, Sandra leaves for her job at an import business, run by a young married couple: Lester and Sue Wong.

Sandra's own import sideline, drug running, is facilitated by her close bond of loyalty with low-ranking employee Lisa.

Acting as her driver and lookout, Lisa escorts Sandra to the site of a drug deal that quickly goes sour when her buyer is revealed to be a Narcotics officer.

Suspicious after Sandra's cool response to his earlier queries about a missing container in a recent shipment, Lester follows Sandra to the deal and accosts Lisa as she waits in the car.

He sends Lisa away on his motorcycle and takes her place in the car.

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