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It’s harmless fun: just him, chatting to the camera about his daily life, with a few special effects and sketches thrown in.Fourteen months later, he’s got 190,000 subscribers and his 28 home videos have been watched more than eight million times.What’s more, a partnership with You Tube means Harries earns money every time someone clicks on his channel – and it’s not an insignificant amount.

“At first people think You Tube is just babies, cats and people falling over,” explains Harries. The idea of connecting with an audience out of my bedroom just blew my mind – and I wanted to give it a go.

I thought nobody would watch a random kid making movies, and for four months, nobody did.

Then I put Finn in a video and the views suddenly shot up.” It’s the twin factor that has made Jacks Gap such a money-spinner for the Harries.

Stacked in a corner of Jack Harries’s attic bedroom in Chiswick, south-west London, is a huge pile of letters.

There are numerous boxes wrapped in layers of brown tape; padded envelopes with rattling contents; large parcels bearing international stamps. Each one is addressed to him; his name lovingly felt-tipped on the front, surrounded by big, loopy hearts and the occasional lipstick smudge.

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