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Is the "Rat Pack" nearly as famous, then and now, if Nixon was elected in 1960?

Think back to JFK Jr.'s "George" magazine and the people who appeared most often on its cover -- actresses and models, actors, and the occasional politician, as you'd expect for a magazine that mixed politics and entertainment.

I perused enough People magazines in dentists' offices during the '80s to recall that JFK Jr.

Readers of the New York Times know it as the "Weddings/Celebrations" section, which appears in every Sunday paper.

Cynics have taken to labeling it the Women's Sports Page. Those browsing through the most recent installment weren't likely to miss the prominent placement of a story about attorney Robert F. and actress Cheryl Hines tying the knot at the home of Ethel Kennedy in Hyannis Port on Aug. The story proceeded prosaically enough, initially describing the backgrounds of the newlyweds -- Hines, 48, played the wife of Larry David in the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" from 2000 to 2011.

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