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Started off with good service, but went downhill fairly quick. It is one of the most unwelcoming restaurant/bar I have ever been to. We had chips and queso, meatball sub with fries, and grilled cheese and onion soup. The grilled cheese was on chewy hard bread and the onion soup was canned beef broth with hunks of onion in it.First we ordered drinks and a shot, which on my end were really good. Seems like a cool pub but as far as food selection goes, I was less then impressed. If your not wearing coach or prada you just don't fit in. Service was slow and our drinks did not get refilled. The sweet potato fries are a good addition to any meal, especially the burgers.But didn't get to place our order for another 20 minutes. Also of note there's a lot of modern music in the background so if you're looking for a quite pub this inst it. My husband and I were here at the end of the summer. And the staff is nice behind the bar but the waitresses are very snotty. The whole meal was over priced (our dinner came to 47$). Now with the raised prices, bland badly prepared food and abundance of "ed hardy" clients it is not worth the parking hassle to get to this bad restaurant. Some of the mixed drinks are fun, even though it is always weird ordering the Strawberry Sex. The service is normally good and the waitstaff is very friendly!

We had to be there for a good 2-2 1/2 hours because of the slow service. Lobster mac and cheese was very delicious, coming from a mac and cheese snob. Everyone in our group said the food was great and the mushroom ravioli was a mammoth meal.

The deep fried cookie dough was pretty good, but not good enough to wait an extra 20 minutes after our bill arrived because our waitress forgot to put in the order.

Seemed like a fun place, but I would probably only be back during a less busy time. I've always liked the Iron Horse, but avoid it after a certain time of night, when the crowd changes to the late night partiers.

The food is usually good, but the service is hit and miss.

The first meatball sandwich had burned meatball and when sent back we were told that the meatballs were deep fried and supposed to be black and crispy.

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